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I’m back! Although I think I only skipped a week. Two weeks? I don’t know. Does that even count as a hiatus? Whatever. I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and entrance to 2014! I know I did, but how can you not with One Direction wrapping paper? Exactly.

I recently got a Macbook Pro with Retina Display and I’m finding it so confusing to edit images now. Resizing is SUCH a pain because I have no idea if what looks good on my screen will look good on another. What used to look decent is now pixelated as shit. But I will persevere. Apologies in advance for any crappy looking photography on here. Especially the one below which was shot on my phone out the car window. I don’t even have an excuse for that and I don’t care. I can’t be a professional all the time.


For the holidays, I packed up my boyfriend and cat and began the 18-hour trek up to Minnesota. On the first day we didn’t even make it out of Texas after getting stuck in a snowstorm. Being Minnesotan, one would imagine that this would be a piece of cake for me to deal with. Possibly, but then you’re not taking Texas into account. Since they so rarely get blizzards and the like down here, they are not prepared to deal with it. At all. So after traversing some abysmally unmaintained roads (and only getting stuck like twice) we made it to the border and got an overpriced, divey little motel for the night.


Basically the majority of the trip went better than that. We spent some time with my family, and made a little side trip to Minneapolis for a few days to see my best friend and drink bottomless mimosas. Two days in a row. Uff da.

If there’s one thing I miss about the cities, it’s the Mall of America. I hate crowds and tourists, but I miss shopping at stores that are just not available down here in Lubbock. Most importantly I got to stop at LUSH for my very first time, and picked up some Angels on Bare Skin that I’m already in love with.


I also unexpectedly got a new car! Picture censored since I looked grotesque and makeupless (it was an early morning car appointment, give me a break.) I had a service appointment for the Biebmobile, but I was out of warranty and it turned out to be a better deal in the long run to trade him in. So, instead of my old Pepper White Mini Cooper Convertible, I now have an Ice Blue Mini Cooper Hardtop. Which is way better in my opinion, so much more storage space and no blind spots. I’ll miss having the convertible top, but it’s so impractical down here in the dustbowl.

After all was said and done we meandered back down here, getting stuck in a snowstorm AGAIN, but ultimately making it home. Yay. So proud of my boyfriend for his surprise snow-driving skills. Also proud of my cat for only making the car smell like death twice. What a good little traveler she is.


I had my first major giveaway last month: The GLAMAWAY. It celebrates my first year of being a beauty blogger, and the prize is a Glambox full of wonder.

I also had some rules. People don’t like to follow those, apparently! Especially the one that states “Don’t enter with a giveaway-only account”. I mean, come on. I seriously went through like six winners before finding someone that didn’t fail horribly at this. Sorry to everyone that almost won! Or am I.

Anyway, the lucky winner is…

Fannie from Blush Me Pretty!

Congrats to Fannie, and make sure to stop by her blog for some great beauty reviews!


Check back next week for another Peach and Lily review! If you missed the last one, see it here!


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