Review: Leonie Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge


You know that feeling you get when you try a new product and you’re automatically head-over-heels in love with it? Yeah, that’s the one. You want to use it all the time, you never want it to disappear, you tell all your friends about it. It’s rare that I get ‘that feeling’ with a product these days, but I was completely blown away by this awesome sponge, courtesy of Leonie Skincare. I received two different sponges from them: Bamboo Charcoal, best for oily skin, and Green Tea, best for UV-damaged skin. This review will focus on the prior, as I’m still too in love with it to move on to the Green Tea. Sorry Green Tea. Your day will come.


First things first, this review is so delayed! My apologies to Leonie. They sent me these sponges like decades (months) ago, but then I had to take my little hiatus while I worked on some life stuff, like moving across the country.

But! Now that I’m all settled in here in sunny (and unbearably hot right now) LA, I’m planning to get back into the swing of things. Besides the other Leonie konjac sponge, I have another Peach and Lily product to review, and a bunch of DHC products on the way! It’s going to be an exciting couple of months for me, I’ll tell you that.


The facts:

Stimulates blood flow
Promotes cell growth
Best for oily skin, but is fine for all skin types (including sensitive)
100% natural
Vegan friendly
Animal-cruelty free
100% biodegradable
Lifespan of 3 months


Konjac glucomannan, water.

Specialty sponges have either green tea, turmeric or bamboo active charcoal added.


From Leonie:

The Leonie Konjac Sponge will gently exfoliate your skin and provide a deep cleanse that you can immediately feel and see without any harsh chemical.

Perfect for oily and skin prone spots, acne and blemishes.The bamboo charcoal infused konjac sponge absorbs excess oil, toxins and other harmful substances from your skin, leaving you with stronger, healthier skin. Bamboo charcoal also acts as an antibacterial and anti microbial agent to thoroughly clean your skin.

You don’t need to use soap or any cleansing solution with our sponge to bring out your skin’s natural shine. Just wet the sponge and massage your face to exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage skin renewal. Should you want to use with your everyday cleanser, just use a tiny amount as the Leonie Konjac Sponge texture will help produce more foam.

Made from top-quality, moisture-rich Konjac fibres that have been used by Chinese and Japanese women for over 1500 years for cooking and beauty purposes, the Leonie Bio-Sponge is 100% vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty free.


This sponge comes packaged all nice and moist in plastic. Once you get it, rinse it out and begin!


So simple and quick to use. Make sure it’s wet but not soppingly wet, and massage it all over your face. I could seriously do this for hours… and I have. No. I haven’t. But someday I might.


So fresh and so clean, clean. Before actually touching this, I was afraid it was going to be harsh on my skin. I’m a sucker for some good exfoliation, but I do have a tendency to overdo it, which makes my skin very sad. Luckily, this thing is so so so soft and feels AMAZING being massaged onto your face. The Leonie website even says it’s okay to use on babies! But honestly, will babies really appreciate this product like I do? No. Back off, babies.

No cleanser or anything is necessary when using the sponge, as it does its own thing. You won’t see any foaming going on, but you can definitely tell something magical is happening. It also has a very specific scent. Does anyone else have smell memories? When you smell something and it takes you back to an exact time and place, or vice-versa? I get that SO bad when I use this product. And I still can’t pinpoint what it is… the closest I’ve gotten is one of my old elementary-school classrooms. Is that weird? Or maybe my ceramics class in high school. Usually charcoal products smell like smoking hotel rooms to me, but not this one. I just can’t figure it out…

But I digress. Does this product get the job done? I can honestly say I’ve never used something that has made my skin feel SO clean before without even rinsing it. My skin feels moisturized afterwards, not tight at all, yet it’s not oily. I can’t say it’s affected the long-term oiliness of my skin yet, but we’ll see what happens in the next three months!


Hang it up and let it dry until next time.


One of my absolute favorite things about this product is that when it’s time to be retired, you can simply pop it into some dirt and it’ll help keep your plants moist. So cool! Since moving to California, I have a ton of plants on my balcony, and the sun dries them out SO fast. I might just stock up on konjac sponges to help moisturize my plants. Yep, that’ll be the only reason…


Have a different skin concern? There are three other options to pick from: Naturally Bare, for normal and sensitive skin; Turmeric, for aging skin; and Green Tea, for UV-damaged skin.

Pros: EVERYTHING. But seriously, everything. Easy to use, soft, exfoliating, moisturizing… you just feel clean afterwards.
Cons: Not a thing. My only fear would be that I’ll wear this out, but it hasn’t happened yet!

Final Verdict: It’s pretty obvious this is one of my favorite things ever, so if you haven’t tried a konjac sponge yet, what are you waiting for? Get yours today at Leonie Skincare (direct from Amazon) for $12 USD!

Have you tried a konjac sponge? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. This is such a cool way to cleanse your face! I’ve actually never heard of them before, but now I’m definitely interested in checking them out. Thanks for the great review! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  2. Yeay! You are back. I’ve missed you around dear.

    Great product review as usual. I’ve been actually thinking to try one of those. I feel like these sponges have made some hype for at least a year now…so now i just really need to decide which one to get. Probably i’d get either this one or the Naturally Bare.


  3. I’d never even heard of these. It sounds amazing! I love that you just use it for plants when it is done :) I’ve wanted to try charcoal for my acne prone skin, I have also heard tumeric has some amazing beauty benefits though. Great review!

  4. I have never tried Konjac sponge, but seeing a lot of good reviews towards it makes me wanna try asap!
    Love your header btw!


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